My name is Anya Sherriuble, and I am a multi-disciplinary designer, but you already know all that. So here are some more facts about me:

I live in Chicago.

I love this city! Great food, best people and my favourite lake. And yes, i can almost handle the winter without crying.

I am from Russia.

Though I stand with Ukraine, hate putin, his war and everything related to it.

I work at Graveflex.

I am the Lead Designer at Graveflex. I've worked here since 2019. Our agency will surely take good care of your project, big or small, serious or fun, short term or long term. Feel free to reach out for details.

I want details!

I love learning.

What I like about my job is that there is always room for improvement, and more things to learn, which I am actively doing.

I pay attention.

When I walk around the city I always notice little things that can later turn into a new project idea. It’s all about details.

I got skillz.

I’ve been doing design and front-end development since 2014. See my

I’ve been doing design and frontend since 2014. Over this time I gained experience and learned a lot.
See my resume.